NWM specializes in the precision manufacturing of parts in a vast array of materials and alloys. From one piece to large production runs, our ISO-compliant Swiss CNC Machining services meet the diverse needs of multiple industries. Our technology provides live drilling and milling capabilities, and offers one of the most cost-effective and accurate solutions for producing large quantities of small, intricate parts:

  • 32mm (1.25″) Spindle Capacity
  • 7 Axis
  • 31 Tool Positions
  • 1000 Psi Coolant
  • Sub-Spindle
  • 12′ Bare Feeder
  • Parts Catcher

NWM is an ISO Certified manufacturer that excels in projects involving diverse machining requirements in a vast array of materials and alloys. From the commonplace to the complex, NWM has been delivering consistent quality for over 40 years incorporating the use of the latest in machining technology and featuring extensive experience with industries that require:

  • Machining Services
  • Hardfacing Services
  • Welding Services

for the Oil and gas, High Pressure Valve, Power Generation Valves/Equipment, Rubber Mixing Equipment and Fluid Control Valves/Equipment industries.

Swiss CNC Machining 18
Swiss CNC Machining 166

Give us a call: 814-774-2866 and Contact us today: jcashdollar@nw-mfg.com or kcashdollar@nw-mfg.com to find out how NWM can meet your machining, hardfacing and welding needs.