NWM specializes in the precision manufacturing of parts in a vast array of materials and alloys. From one piece to large production runs, our ISO-compliant Swiss CNC Machining services meet the diverse needs of multiple industries. Our technology provides live drilling and milling capabilities, and offers one of the most cost-effective and accurate solutions for producing large quantities of small, intricate parts:

  • 32mm (1.25″) Spindle Capacity
  • 7 Axis
  • 31 Tool Positions
  • 1000 Psi Coolant
  • Sub-Spindle
  • 12′ Bare Feeder
  • Parts Catcher
Swiss CNC Machining 18
Swiss CNC Machining 166

Give us a call: 814-774-2866 and Contact us today: jcashdollar@nw-mfg.com or kcashdollar@nw-mfg.com to find out how NWM can meet your machining, hardfacing and welding needs.